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By the Telephone Drawing #2 :iconjoma99:joma99 3 1 Power Suit :iconjoma99:joma99 3 0
Two Little Doves
Little doves of peace and truth,
Why do you dwell near me?
Do you wish to hear me
Cry out in a fashion most uncouth?
I avert my gaze purposefully, managing my helm,
so that your purity may never breach
a belief that justice lives in a distant realm.
Although you stay with me,
I can’t help but see others skirt away.
Although you bear with me,
I can’t help but wonder why.
Although you’re there for me,
White wings run red and I will never fly.
Truth and Peace are not dead,
They never lived,
If they are sitting where I tread.
Just two little doves I see.
That is all you
have been,
and will ever be.
:iconjoma99:joma99 1 0
Don't look at me
I look in the mirror.
What do I see?
I see a fooligan staring at me.
I better stop walking past this mirror.
:iconjoma99:joma99 4 0
A Girl :iconjoma99:joma99 4 7
Crimson Scar
Freshly watered and rinsed,
I sit to profligate white creams
to supplement suppleness.
My toes point to frolick chair seams.
My duty to skin accomplished,
I stand. To find a blood-stained ottoman.
Passerby brothers
are disgusted at the rouge.
My father wishes to bleach
number twos and the current
number three.
Curiosity left forever unsated
Why do I bleed?
Why do they seed?
I laugh at the blood!
I'm proud of it.
It is my own
this is my seed
this is my mark
Crimson Scar, Starlet
burns brighter than white.
:iconjoma99:joma99 1 0
When Incantations Fail
I used to speak magic
But now words fall off my lips
Without sound, without a tingling.
:iconjoma99:joma99 1 0
My Love
My love
Will you love when the day is done,
When the night is no longer young
And all my songs for you I've sung?
Will you love me?
My love
Will you love outside of the shire?
When I'm cast not in silver, but in doubt?
Or will you cast me in throes of fire,
Will you love me?
Because my love,
I will love
Until my heart's breath is no more,
Until I am past death's foyer,
Until world's and worlds end.
I would love you, my friend,
Whatever your answer.
:iconjoma99:joma99 1 0
Fickle of a fancy
a pickling of pansies
overpowering sweet and sour.
Stain red red sweet wine
Remind me of what was
but was never mine.
:iconjoma99:joma99 2 0
Catclops :iconjoma99:joma99 1 0
The Homeless Man
The Homeless Man
Mister, why are you covered from head to toe?
When there is only sun with not a spot of snow!
Little One, what I wear is my only wardrobe.
This is why I must wear scarves up to my earlobe.
Mister, why with a shopping cart do you saunter?
When you are not at all near the storefront counter?
Little One, this cart is my purse, carrying sundries,
And my home is this world with all of its niceties.
Mister, why do you sleep in the cold?
When the winds and ground burn into bones so old?
Little One, I sleep on sheets of concrete
Because I was unable to make ends meet.
Mister, why do you rummage through the can of trash?
When there are only sorry scraps and ash?
Little One. I search through the cans
Because trees do not bear fruit in these lands.
Mister, why do you sigh?
When did I say something to make you cry?
Little One, right now my problems I cannot buy
But when my time runs, there will be no tears in the sky.
Mister, why do
:iconjoma99:joma99 3 0
Yolk's Yoke
Cock-a-doodle roost,
Lock-et-noodle lay.
Deciding whether
Man or Woman came first and
comes first
is like comparing
The Chicken and The Egg.  
They're all sources of protein.
:iconjoma99:joma99 1 0
Stagnant Clusterf***s
Navigating stagnant clusterfucks.
Tortuous rebellion of backend buttum
Rain dance. In a lived-in spangled tux.
Knots of ships come to crux
Because their captains are lost to drum
Navigating stagnant clusterfucks.
I to Houses of Plenty and breakfast deluxe
Wilds on wilds watering hole come
Rain dance. In a lived-in spangled tux.
A second to save unaware lightning-bucks,
So fast but so frail, so in the end succumb.
Navigating stagnant clusterfucks.
Question why above your moon roof flux
A being hums, fating apparatus and you to dumb-thumb
Rain dance. In a lived-in spangled tux.
ROAD CLOSED “Man, that sucks”
Make light with dashboard bobble to distract from
Navigating stagnant clusterfucks.
:iconjoma99:joma99 0 0
Red Riding Hood - Fantasy Contest Entry :iconjoma99:joma99 9 12 Fat Cat Icon :iconjoma99:joma99 5 5 I'm so happy... Canvas tote :iconjoma99:joma99 1 1


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Artist | Hobbyist
I like art and I like DA. So here I am~

Stay awhile and we can discuss current news or financial trends. Or maybe just art haha.
Just watched the movie Working Girl. It was sweet and inspiring, I'd recommend it.  Plus you get to see all that big 80s hur.  

It's been on my list of movies to watch since I saw the episode 'work hard or die trying girl' from Bob's Burgers. Haha, when it comes to that show, you can call me a "die hard" fan.  Warning: I'm tend to partake in a lot of bad dad jokes.



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Hello! :wave:

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joma99 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist
Thank you for seeking me out, I did not know there was such a group before.  I will do my best to contribute!
3wyl Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, concerns or anything else! :D
joma99 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist
Will do :)
catcrazygurl94 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
Thank you so much for the return llama :iconyea-plz:
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My pleasure, thank you!
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thanks for the llama =3
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You're most welcome~
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Thanks for the Llama.^^
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My pleasure~ c:
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